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Weather Dilemma

posted Monday, 5 May 2008

I love my cozy wintertime fragrances and usually can't wait to wear them.  But there comes a time, usually in March, when I'm ready to put those away and bring out lighter scents, those with citrus and bright florals, with tuberose and gardenia.  Champing at the bit, I decided to switch out the collection. Now the basket in my closet is overflowing: Guerlain AA Herba Fresca; Burberry Summer; Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess (I picked up a bottle of the lotion the other day...yum!); D&G Light Blue; AG Petite Cherie, Passion, and Eau d'Hadrien; Ava Luxe Gardenia Musk; and other lighter, brighter scents.

And it's cold.  Well, we've had warm days here and there, and I have worn a couple of the scents named above, but I find myself pondering the basket for something good for chilly mornings and in-between weather.  Stella, I find, is good all year round, as is Bond No. 9 West Side.  But I don't always feel like roses.  Today I grabbed my new L'Artisan Poivre Piquant, and that did the trick nicely.  It has warm elements of honey and vanilla, but the bite of pepper and oddness of licorice cool it down.

What do you wear in the cooler days of Spring?