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Shiseido Tinted Moisturizer

posted Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I got my hands on some tubes of Shiseido The Skincare Tinted Moisture Protection SPF 20 and thought I'd share it with a few friends to get their opinions of the product. 

Karen, a caucasian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes tried the lightest shade.  She liked the texture and the light coverage and that it didn't have a heavy makeup feel or cakeyness.  She also loved the fact that it had a fairly generous amount of SPF.

Correne, a caucasian woman with dark brown hair and eyes tried the medium shade.  She thought that there was too much pigment that came off on hands and clothes when applied with fingers, but more staying power and blendability when applied with a sponge.  Despite that, it had poor coverage and didn't hide blemishes as she hoped it would. But...she did like the moisturizing quality and the feel of the lotion itself and would prefer a non-tinted version of the same. 

Nikol, a light-complected African-American woman with gray hair and brown eyes tried the medium deep shade.  She complained that there was too much pigment and that it came off on clothing, but otherwise it had good coverage, blendability, and she otherwise liked it a lot.

After trying several of the higher-priced tinted moisturizers on the market, I realize that there are many different degrees of sheerness out there.  Personally, I prefer my tinted moisturizer to be very sheer, which the Shiseido is not.  If I thought of it more like a moisturizing foundation with SPF, I liked it a great deal.  Applying a tiny amount solved the ruboff problem, and judicious blending with a damp sponge made it seem more sheer. It has a wonderful creamy lotion texture and feels hydrating, so I think it would be a very good choice for the winter months.