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Rose Kashmirie

posted Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Notes: saffron, Bulgarian rose, coriander, Sicilian bergamot, red peonies, Damascene rose absolute, myrrh, woodsy oil, black vanilla pods, vetiver, sandalwood, benzoin, musk, ambergris

I can't help but be disappointed with each new Rosine fragrance. I had hopes for their latest, Rose Kashmirie, as the name is evocative of the exotic Asian subcontinent.  Rather than being spicy or rich, however, Rose Kashmirie is largely comprised of Rosine's typical bright rose note and lots of powder.   The opening is tinged with citrus but is so powdery I have a hard time discerning what else is lurking.  As the scent dries down a bit, I smell what may be a bit of saffron, but it's such a stingy amount that it may well be an olfactory illusion.

In the background is a soft sweetness of vanilla and a touch of sandalwood, but they are very faint.  My vial leaked and despite having Rose Kashmirie all over both hands and on my desk, I still only smell largely uninteresting, powdery, rose.  Yawn.

Another disappointment.  If I want saffron and rose, I'll stick with my favorite, L'Artisan Parfumeur Safran Troublant.  That's a company that knows how to make scents that don't all smell the same.