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Montale Mukhallat

posted Wednesday, 9 July 2008
Notes: strawberry, almond, vanilla, musk

According to "the scoop" on, Mukhallat is:

"An intriguing new take on Turkish Delight, Montale’s mouthwatering creation replaces cherries with luscious, ripe strawberries and mixes them with the sweet nuttiness of almonds and the creaminess of vanilla. The sinfully rich blend, with its slightly powdery, wonderfully comforting quality, rests on a sensual musky base. An unapologetically gourmand composition for true connoisseurs, a new delicacy to be enjoyed by the fans of Oriental Dream and Loukhoum."

Oriental Dream on.  That happens to be one of my favorite Montale fragrances, with its combination of sweet tobacco and roses kissed with almond.  Mukhallat doesn't even come close.  As far as being "unapologetically gourmand" is concerned, I guess if your idea of gourmand is artificially-flavored strawberry Cool Whip dolloped on a Twinkie, then sure, it's gourmand.  Actually, it's more like a "strawberry"-scented pine-tree-shaped car air freshener, or a cheap head shop candle.  It's the kind of thing I move away from if I smell it on a bus passenger or someone on the street.  In other words, it's truly awful.