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L'Oreal Elnett

posted Tuesday, 28 April 2009
Elnett hairspray has been the favorite of stylists for years, and up until recently was only available overseas. Now it's been reformulated to be more eco-friendly for the US market and it's available at...Target! Or Tar-Jay, as I like to call it.

I have very fine hair with little body and tons of inconviently-placed cowlicks, so styling products have been my friends for years. I wore a lot of unscented Aqua Net in my day and have tried pretty much every other brand on the market. I like the Pantene sprays, because they give a ton of hold, but they are like glue. The sprayer eventually becomes clogged, and the stuff goes on shiny, like shellac. I bought some Aussie Sprunch not long ago and am practically asphyxiated by the fake grape smell. It reminds me of cough medicine.

So I went to Tar-Jay and plonked down $15 for a can of Elnett, because I had read so much about it over the years. And what do you know - it's great stuff. It doesn't go on stiff and sticky, doesn't leave a shiny plastic-like film on my head. It's barely even noticeable when I touch my hair afterwards. And it gives my hair enough body that when I come in from a windstorm, my hair isn't all flat and nasty looking. The only problem is the smell - it's quite strong and distinctive. It's not bad, not like the Sprunch (I'm not a big fan of the smell of Sebastian Shaper either), but it competes with my perfume a little too much.

Alas, the things we go through to look beautiful. I'm almost done with can #1, and despite the scent, I plan to buy can #2.