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Keiko Mecheri

posted Wednesday, 18 April 2007

One of the reasons I was interested in going to Takashimaya during the Sniffa Spring Fling was to sniff all of the Keiko Mecheri line.  I had gotten a sample of Sanguine in my very first sample order from LuckyScent, and wasn't at all impressed.  But I kept hearing good things about the line, and how much people enjoyed their Loukhoum scent.

I've already detailed my experience at Tak with the annoying salesman who wanted to spray me with Divine rather than Mecheri, so you know I didn't get all that far.  I did get to spritz myself with both Hanae and Mihime however, and knew I liked at least one of them very much.  But which was which?  After a while, they both started to smell the same to me.  So I went back to my old stand-by, LuckyScent, and ordered samples of each, plus Loukhoum.

Notes: white petals, Japanese grapefruit (yuzu), wildberries, crystalline musk

White petals.  Check.  Yuzu.  Check.  Berries.  Check.  Musk.  Check.  It's all there, from beginning to close to the end.  The opening has a sweet berry aroma with a squeeze of tangy citrus juices, the white petals wafting aromatically in the distance, and the whole deal drenched in a lovely light musk.  The yuzu fades before the drydown, but the remaining berry-floral musk is delicious.  The fragrance is just slightly sweet, and stays very close to the skin.  Of course, that's from dabbing it on from a sample vial; a spray may be a bit stronger.  Unfortunately, Hanae doesn't seem to have much staying power on my skin.

Notes: hawthorn petals, bergamot, violet leaves, rose petals, ylang ylang, and narcissus, peach, amber, vanilla, heliotrope, soft white musk

Mihime starts with a bit of bergamot at the beginning, adding a slight sharpness to the powdery cloud of violet and rose that envelops this fragrance in its beginning stages.  There's a barely-there fruitiness lurking in the depths of the scent, and the drydown is a fragrant combination of amber, vanilla, and white musk, one of my favorite fragrance triumverates, and the rose seems to hang around for a bit there as well.

After my side-by-side comparison, I think I like Hanae best of the two, although Minime has its strong points. If only they lasted longer....