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Global Goddess iDivine Eyeshadow

posted Tuesday, 23 June 2009
Celebrity makeup artist Shalini Vadhera has always been fascinated by the beauty secrets of women from different cultures around the world. So fascinated, in fact, that she wrote a best selling book Passport to Beauty and created Global Goddess Beauty – a line of cosmetics inspired by international beauty techniques that features exotic ingredients. Developed with your inner seductress in mind, i-Divine Eyeshadows are formulated with highly pigmented color in a velvety texture that glides over lids effortlessly. All of the shadows are infused with powerful antioxidants from white tea, which means you get a satiny eye shadow that does double duty, working tirelessly to reverse the effects of aging free radicals.

I hate that some eyeshadows - even some high-end ones - feel rough on the lids and while they deliver pigment, it falls right off. iDivine is indeed velvety and goes on wonderfully smoothly, and the color lasts for quite a while. I have oily lids, so nothing lasts forever on me, but this was pretty good. And if the effects of free radicals are being reversed in the process...hmmm...I should stock up!

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