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Glowelle 7-Day Powder Sticks

posted Thursday, 25 June 2009
Glowelle is a dietary supplement in the form of a beauty drink that packs a powerful punch. Fighting back against aging from the inside out only requires one drink per day. Each powder packet contains a beauty-inducing concoction of antioxidants—including Vitamins A, C and E—that your skin needs to stay hydrated and glowing. Both the tangy-sweet Pomegranate Lychee and the refreshing Raspberry Jasmine flavor packets contain as much Vitamin E as found in 108 almonds, as much selenium as found in nearly two servings of salmon, and as much lutein as found in eight cups of romaine lettuce. You can mix the powder packet with water or with your favorite juice, but we recommend making a Glowelle smoothie. Drink up, and bring your inner beauty to the surface.
Ok - while full of antioxidants and all that good stuff, the Glowelle sticks is probably my least favorite thing from the BeautyFix pack this quarter. I got Raspberry Jasmine, which smells like a dead ringer for powdered raspberry Jell-o and doesn't taste much better; it has the rather pronounced bitterness of artificial sweetener. And the powder is gritty and doesn't quite dissolve all the way - there's always a thick residue left at the bottom of my glass, no matter how much water I add, or whether I shake or stir.

Personally, I'll stick to my multivitamin pills.