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Cinquieme Sens

posted Thursday, 18 June 2009
I found this in my mailbox the other day. Sounds like fun!

Dear Perfume Lovers

Have you ever heard about Cinquième Sens (Fifth Sense in French)? Any self-respecting fragrance fanatic should know that Cinquième Sens is a well-known perfumery school, based in Paris just near the Eiffel Tower. Our New York training center is located Midtown East, near to the Grand Central Station and we propose small group workshops for anyone who wants to learn about fragrances. Our method of work is interactive and we carry a particular attention to the quality of our trainings and the interactions between participants.

Would you like to test your sense of smell? Identify the different raw materials? Understand the vocabulary of fragrance? Gain knowledge about the perfumer’s work?

If so our trainings are designed for you! You’ll have the opportunity to work with our Olfactorium® which is a compact version of a Perfumer’s Palette and contains 48 raw materials and fragrances.

We currently propose 2 trainings depending on your needs and interests:

- The Perfumer Palette (3 hours): an introductory session to measure your olfactory abilities and acquire methods for memorizing odors.

- Introduction to Technique and Language of Perfumery (2days): an introduction to the universe of perfume from raw materials to fragrance classification.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I’ll give you with pleasure the next sessions’ dates and I can send you detailed information.

My name is Laura, you can reach me at (212) 686-4135 or

I hope to share with you a nice perfumed experience!

Kind regards.