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Bond No. 9 Brooklyn

posted Thursday, 26 March 2009
Bond No. 9 Brooklyn Notes: grapefruit, cardamom, cypress wood, geranium leaves, juniper berries, cedarwood, leather, guaiacwood

Brooklyn is the latest scent from New York’s Bond No. 9. Clean and rather light for a Bond creation, Brooklyn leans toward the masculine, but I would wear it in a heartbeat. It’s a dry scent that would be lovely in the heat of summer, starting off with a very nice fresh grapefruit note on a woodsy background. Moments after application, there’s an interesting greenness that reminds me of the tomato plants I grow on my back porch in the summer, with an added hint of spice from the juniper berries that somehow manage not to make me think of gin (and for which I am thankful!). But on my husband, the gin comes out right away as an accompaniment to the grapefruit.

For most of the early stages of Brooklyn, the dominant woodsy note is cedar; later it becomes the softer and sexier guaiacwood. Also later in the development of the scent we get a leather note that’s so light it’s practically transparent. The sweet spice of cardamom should be in the opening, though I detect it more in the drydown. However, that may be a trick of the basenotes, since they are less-dry and slightly sweeter than the opening.

Overall, Brooklyn is a welcome and refreshing addition to the Bond No. 9 stable and I look forward to wearing it in the warmer months

Originally published in Sniffapalooza Magazine