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Chanel Beige

posted Thursday, 20 August 2009
Notes: hawthorne, freesia, frangipani, lily, heliotrope, ylang ylang, honey

Beige is the latest in the Les Exclusifs line of Chanel fragrance. I heard lots of good things about this scent, even if nobody was particularly impressed by the name. "Beige" sounds sorta dull, and while the scent isn't dull, it's not breaking any ground.

Beige is a rich white floral fragrance warmed and mellowed with a honey accord. I don't normally care for the scent of honey, but I don't read it as such in this fragrance. It's more like white flowers and tons of white musk, somewhat overpowering if one spritzes more than a bit. It's a scent that, although very floral, is also "clean" and babyish (reminding me a lot of Johnson's Baby Lotion on first application).

I will admit that I like Beige, but don't find it particularly full-bottle-worthy, particularly the enormous bottle that is standard packaging for the Les Exclusifs line. But a decant is just fine.