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Azurée Soleil

posted Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Tom Ford's Azurée body oil was a huge success when it was released last year; people rhapsodized about it being summer in a bottle.  This April, its fans (and everyone else who didn't get a chance to grab some while it was available) will have another chance to test this modern reinterpretation of a classic.  As with Youth Dew, Tom Ford has left his mark on another Estée Lauder fragrance.  The original Azurée, released in 1969, was a woody citrus fragrance, "inspired by the pure light of the Riviera."  The new version, however, is more of a fun-in-the-sun California beach scent.  Light and warm, Azurée Soleil is redolent of coconut, tiare flower and jasmine, with a subtle spark of citrus.  The coconut is not of the cloying type one might find in a tropical drink but rather the light and mild sweetness of coconut water, the refreshing liquid within the nut. These notes are wrapped in a warm cloud of woods and amber, touched with a dollop of caramel.  And like Youth Dew Amber Nude, this scent has an old-fashioned quality that makes one nostalgic.

Azurée Soleil is a skin scent - skin in the summertime.  The first whiff took me back to my childhood in the early 70s, forming a clear picture of my mother as she sits on the beach in her yellow bikini, wearing a chustka (kerchief) on her head to keep the sand out of her hair.  She smelled of suntan lotion and shampoo, combined with her own natural fragrance.  We didn't go to the beach much, but I recall this one particular week-long trip, taken by Mom, my little brother, and me (Dad had to work), as being a wonderful time.  Although not exactly, Azurée Soleil smells enough like Mom to bring tears to my eyes at the memory of her.

Notes: Tahitian gardenia petals, coconut, orangeflower buds, jasmine, magnolia petals, myrrh, bergamot, mandarin, amber, sandalwood, vetiver, caramel

Teresia at the Beach Photomontage, ©2007 Kathy Patterson